Network Partners


The delivery network, exactly how does it work?

How your freight gets delivered

After we have collected your manifested freight at the end of each day we then forward it to the designated carriers, who complete the delivery process through their UK and International infrastructures and Networks.

With direct access into the carrier's main hubs your freight is scanned straight into their system and routed to its next destination.

Working with 'The Market'

We have partner relationships with the vast majority of the UK's major parcel carriers, all brands you will recognise, all premier parcel carriers and all with Platinum customer service included.

This allows us to offer you the very best service and standards available in the market place, all under one account, collected by The Parcel Store and managed through our state of the art shipping system.

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Customer Service

Customer service is vital to the success of the overall solution we offer and provides the essential human factor that ordinarily the carrier would leave to the customer to provide.

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Competitive Pricing

With the buying power we have with our carrier partners (who represent the majority of the UK carrier market) we can provide you efficiencies, saving you time and money on your freight and operational costs. 

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Associate Carriers

Our Associate Carriers are our greatest point of difference; in fact they are the foundation of our business. As stakeholders we feel our associate carriers will give you a level of service no multi-drop driver could.