How It All Works


Trading since 2010, our customer's benefit from the most enhanced parcel management and innovative carrier experience in the market place.

'One' Collection, Invoice and Account

Your boxes, packets, satchels, mail and pallets will be delivered by up to 12 National and International carriers all with up to date tracking of the delivery process and a fully integrated support module.

We offer flat rates for all carrier services, a collection time to suit you, 24/7 access to your account, one invoice for all shipments and all managed under one account at The Parcel

Pro-Active Management

With a fully integrated support ticket system, Live 0n-line chat, local 0845 customer service number and system based exception emails, The Parcel Store excels in pro-active management of your shipments.


We take the responsibility for managing your parcels and allow you to concentrate on matters most important to your business.
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Additional Key Features


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Customer Service

Customer service is vital to the success of the overall solution we offer and provides the essential human factor that ordinarily the carrier would leave to the customer to provide.

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Competitive Pricing

With the buying power we have with our carrier partners (who represent the majority of the UK carrier market) we can provide you efficiencies, saving you time and money on your freight and operational costs. 

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Associate Carriers

Our Associate Carriers are our greatest point of difference; in fact they are the foundation of our business. As stakeholders we feel our associate carriers will give you a level of service no multi-drop driver could.